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10th October 2012



Wow, I haven’t posted or been on Tumblr in Forever! I look back and boy was I angry! haha. Thinking about blogging again. Hmm.. <3

12th March 2012


I despise liars.

What happened to honesty?

23rd February 2012

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Ok, just need to get my feelings out there!


BUT, I would NEVER deliberately make a “mistake.” Because in reality it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a CHOICE, and nowadays people make some DUMB choices when they know better. So my question is… WHY?!?! Because we’re young? Because we’re human? Because we make mistakes? NO, stop making excuses. You obviously know better. Our generation is getting worse and people throw out their morals and beliefs for temporary satisfaction/happiness.

Do people no longer have common sense of right and wrong or a good conscience? I mean, if you’re not really aware of it- that’s ONE thing. But it is a COMPLETELY different thing to know what you need to do, and CHOOSE NOT TO. 

Come on people! What happened to trying to become a better person? I swear, people nowadays just look at themselves in the mirror and are like, “Ehh, nothing I need to improve on today.” And people accept the way things are now, even when they’re not supposed to be that way!!!

This world is just getting darker and darker, worse and worse. But I can say that through all this BS, I am striving everyday constantly to change myself and become a better person. I’m not trying to toot my own horn but there’s a difference between a MISTAKE, and A WRONG DECISION because when you decide something, you know if it’s right or wrong.

Really random vent, but I am just really disappointed in a few people and I would never want to disappoint someone because of a wrong decision I made because it’s my own fault then. I am always self reflecting and seeing what I need to change about myself so that I won’t make people feel the way I’m feeling.


17th January 2012

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How you feel? How you feel? How you feel?

People are so shady these days..

12th November 2011

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I need Netflix or a laptop so that i can catch up on TVD! <3

*Le sigh*

Im getting obsessed again =/

12th November 2011

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The Vampire Diaries

I am now officially a Fan Girl…


*sigh.. They’re too gorgeous.

10th October 2011

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Homewreckers, ya’ll can have a coke cause ya’ll need to go.

Dont interupt my relationship, RUDE.

SORRY, but me and him have been together for 2 and 1/2 years and we’re STILL going strong and there is no way, as long as we’re both alive, that you will come between us.


8th September 2011

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Conversation with my boyfriend.

Him: How do you spell ____ , again? I forgot -__-
Me: *finger-spelling slowly*
Him: No, fast!
Me: Ugh! *finger-spelling fast*
Him: What did you say, again? (x *laughing*

Ahh, this boy always knows how to make me laugh.

6th September 2011

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inspirationformywall said: How did you and your boyfriend meet? Does he go to a deaf school? (idk if you've answered this previously in your blog, it's my first time!)


Yay! You asked me a question! Haha. I love answering questions so please dont hesitate to ask away! :D

And sorry this is so late! I haven’t been on tumblr in forever.

But, we grew up together <3 Then, after not seeing him for about 10 years, we saw each other at a bowling alley :) It was for a church activity and they started going to church again, and it continued on from then. That’s the short story though, if you want the long story just tell me! haha. And yes, he goes to CSDF (California School For The Deaf, Fremont)

18th June 2011

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Do it.


pleassssssseeee. anything! about my relationship, about my life, about my puppy. Anything. My inbox is collecting cobwebs.